Advice during product development

When developing new products, or even improving existing ones, one should always be mindful of the intellectual property rights of one’s competitors. The progressive development of a product or an increase in the number of product variants — in short, any form of product alteration — may impinge upon the proprietary rights of competitors.

We offer our clients on-going patent work during the product development phase. We discern early on the potential risks that competitors’ IP rights pose and assess them. When necessary, we point out technical workarounds and offer strategic advice on how to avoid a patent dispute. And we always consider the available options for enforcing intellectual property rights at the international level.

Recognizing potential

Our law firm will advise you of the potential to be derived from intellectual property rights for your company and help you recognize and make efficient use of it. During the product development phase especially, recognizing how your company can benefit from such potential is an important part of our work as patent attorneys. We work with our clients to produce both a strategic analysis of the company’s own products and an analysis of competing products.

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