Make valuable inventions

Inventions are often seen as an incidential product of human creativity. The reality though shows, that the majority of of the newly patented inventions are a result of systematical work. This especially counts for inventions with a high economical relevanz. Because of the limited period of 20 years of a patent and the progressively increasing patent annual fee the protection through a patent should only be pursued for inventions with a concrete market potencial. Such patents are particularly valuable.

Patent workshops and systematical inventions

With patent workshops, it is often possible to generate a multitude of patentable ideas in clearly defined technical area. Methodical approaches for systematical ideas like TRIZ or ASIT and the orientation on the patenting activity of potential customers can help hereby. Through the early on usage of technological and patent information, it is even possible to recognize strategies eraly on. The assistance of a patent attorney can hereby enable the possibility to review potential risks. Targeted, systematical inventing helps to achieve competitive technological advantages and ensures a longstanding economical success. At the same time cost effectivity of the patent work is increased because the invention stands in direct relation to the business.

from imitation to uniqueness

As patent attorneys we support our clients in reaching and especially maintaining a certain uniqueness of their products. Through a systematical patent work this can be achievd. We recognise trends early on and apply for promising patents. Product development happens when creative ideas and critical observation of new ideas meet patent experts. An inspection of competing patents is initiated at all times. A detailed knowlegde of competitors patents is therefore utilized to reduce costs and aviode goundless patent applications.

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