What to expect for employees?

The law of employee inventions is there for everyone: the employee’s rights under this area of law should be respected and defended. As we are familiar with the current case-law and are experienced in the implementation of the law of employee inventions, we are able to assess the appropriate remuneration for an invention. On that basis, we can help employees to assert their rights against employers in a persuasive manner.

Which compensation is justified?

We also advise employees in relation to the limits of their rights: the results of an employee’s work for the most part belong to the employer – the law of employee inventions should to a certain extent be considered to be an exception to the rule. With our support, employees have the best possible information about their rights and obligations vis-à-vis their employer.

Arbitration proceeding?

The German Patent and Trademark Office offers an arbitration procedure for dealing with disputes between employees and their employers, which is aimed at finding a balance between the interests of the two parties. We are familiar with this procedure too. Contact us if you need our assistance. We are available to discuss matters and provide advice at any time.

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